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Coyotes can be trained to fear humans

Coyotes are always testing the humans around them, experts say. The small canine is testing humans when they wander into someone’s yard. They’re testing them when they nibble on pet food on a porch. They’re testing them when they see

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Shark or dolphin? Experts debate latest photobomber

A shadowy figure in a wave near children swimming at a southern California beach has experts disagreeing. Discovery Channel shark expert Jeff Kurr calls it a great white shark, but shark expert David Shiffman believes it was a dolphin. The

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Father contemplate TX gun laws after son’s death

On New Year’s Eve in 2010, Charlie Ciotta called his son a few hours before midnight to wish him an early happy new year. They talked about safety, and the 29-year-old promised he wouldn’t drink and drive. Just hours later,

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Boston Police, Mayor-Elect, Clash Over Need for AR-15 Rifles

Mayor-elect Martin J. Walsh is shooting down the plan to arm some Boston patrol officers with military-style rifles — setting up a potential showdown with the department which has backed the controversial measure, citing a need for high-powered weapons in

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Connecticut Gun Owners Scramble to Register Guns, Felony Charges Loom

Connecticut gun owners are rushing to register certain firearms and ammunition magazines that will be considered illegal contraband in the new year. People have been lining up early in the morning at the state Department of Emergency Services and Public

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Duck Hunter Rescued from Niagra River

A duck hunter was rescued from the Niagara River, after falling out of his boat just off the shores of Grand Island, when two strangers came to his aide. Dave Wahl was hunting nearby with his nephew Riley, when they

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Candidate Guns Down Constituent for Refusing to Vote in Favor

Five persons were killed in different incidents of violence and mishaps. According to details, in Sheikhupura a candidate for the slot of UC 77 Chairman shot a villager dead when he refused to cast his and other family members vote

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