Huge hog stuck in fence, charges people

Hawaii-An Aina Haina resident captured a photo of a feral pig in the neighborhood on  Tuesday.

The pig walked up the driveway of one home at around noon and charged Bailey, the resident’s dog.

The feral pig got its tusks lodged in the fence in the back yard.  After  the pig got free, it charged one of the residents before running back down the  driveway.


The resident says a yard connected to his has a low-hanging mango tree as  well as a cat that was out in the yard and may have attracted the pig.

The Department of Land and Natural Resources said their crew is on Molokai  for a conference on dealing with feral pigs.

The Oahu Pig Hunters Association was also contacted and said that the feral  pig is indeed a full-sized male boar.

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Chester Moore is a world renown author, photographer, broadcaster and wildlife expert. He is however first and foremost a follower of Jesus Christ and operates Children's Kingdom Ministries with his wife Lisa. They are both children's ministers at Community Church in Orange, TX and produce the GETV program "God's Outdoors with Chester Moore".

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