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Hikers Discover Possible Human Remains At Lake Ray Hubbard

The Dallas County Medical Examiner’s office, Rowlett police and fire departments are investigating what appear to be human remains on a wooded peninsula at Lake Ray Hubbard. Hikers made the grim discovery shortly before 5 o’clock Wednesday evening near the

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800-Pound ‘Dinosaur’ Fishing Caught Off Florida Coast

A monster sea creature caught off Miami Beach over the weekend had its captor confused. Mark Quartiano, also known as Mark the Shark, is a famous Florida captain who has caught thousands of sharks. But the 800-pound rare catch he reeled in

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New Killer Dinosaur Found in Utah, Preceded T. Rex

Scientists have discovered a killer dinosaur that roamed in what is now Utah some 100 million years ago. Experts say the discovery provides insight into the top predators in North America before T. rex showed up. The two-legged beast was

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Scientist Claim Oldest Big Cat Fossil Found in Tibet

Scientists have unearthed the oldest big cat fossil yet, suggesting the predator — similar to a snow leopard — evolved in Asia and spread out. The nearly complete skull dug up in Tibet was estimated at 4.4 million years old

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