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NOAA says its satellites saved 261 people last year

The same NOAA satellites that helped forecasters predict severe weather, like the Moore, Okla., tornado last May and November’s deadly Midwest tornado outbreak, also played a key role in rescuing 261 people from potentially life-threatening scenarios throughout the United States and its

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Colorado Town’s Vote On Drone Hunting Ordinance Postponed

Phillip Steel, a resident of Deer Trail, Colorado, is ready to fight for the Old West values he feels are being threatened by drones. Asked what exactly he’s proposing to do when he sees an unmanned aircraft, Steel points his

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Drone Drops Contraband Into Georgia Prison Yard

A Georgia prison yard recently had a special delivery for inmates, when a small helicopter flew over the facility and dropped tobacco products inside the gates, a local news station reported. After a lieutenant at the Calhoun State Prison noticed the unauthorized aerial

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Russian Cosmonaut Survival Kit Includes Gun, Fishing Kit

Russia prepared its astronauts for every eventuality – so much so that its their survival kits for space included fishing equipment. The kits also had handguns to ‘scare off wolves, bears and tigers’ and to fight off ‘hostile foreign nationals’

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Americans Skeptical of ‘Smart Gun’ Legislation

By a wide majority, Americans are skeptical of the reliability of technology intended to prevent all but authorized users of a firearm from being able to fire it. They also say overwhelmingly that they would not be likely to buy

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3D-Printed Gun Undergoes Testing by Feds, Explodes During Trial

The world’s first 3D-printed gun stood up to testing with the feds…right up until when it exploded.The ATF is releasing results now showing that 3D guns are dangerous both working and when they don’t. It’s been six months since blueprints

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US Lawmakers Look to Ban 3D Plastic Guns, Cite National Security Concerns

As America’s undetectable firearms ban is expiring within less than a month, the country’s law enforcement united with lawmakers to label 3D-printed arms a national security threat – with over 300 million steel-made guns scattered throughout the US. The Undetectable

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