Woman free dives with great whites

Ocean Ramsey doesn’t ride on top of great white sharks for fun or frivolous show. She does it to dispel their image of cruel killing machines, to call attention to the fact that sharks are seriously endangered. Which really sucks, because they’re

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Texas tells NFL their guns laws don’t apply here

The National Football League passed a new rule that bans off-duty police officers from bringing guns inside stadiums – but Texas has chosen to adhere to the policy in its own way. The sunsets past AT&T Stadium on October 6,

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Man fights off, kills cougar with spear

A 60-year-old British Columbia woman was rescued from a savage cougar attack when her boyfriend charged the animal in her defense. In what’s being cited as the first case in North America of a spear being used to kill a cougar in

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5 trout limit poll results

The results of our poll regarding the 5 trout limit from Lower Laguna Madre through the Matagorda system are as follows: Agrees with the proposed change to a 5 trout limit: 49.86 percent Disagrees with the proposed change to a

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40 inch trout caught in Laguna Madre? (Photo)-Updated

UPDATE: We posted the story below to find out the scoop on a photo we have been getting lots of forwards and questions about and it didn’t take long for our social media to help us get the information. This

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Prairie chicken group meets in Amarillo

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is having hearings this week to get public comment concerning a new plan to mitigate the harm for businesses from listing the lesser prairie-chicken as threatened. The plan, developed by a nonprofit corporation founded in

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Researchers to track southern flounder mortality

This May, a team of researchers will begin tagging Southern flounder in the New River, hoping to follow their migratory patterns and learn more about where the fish spend their time. But the meat of the project lies at the

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