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New zebra mussel regs approved

In the state’s ongoing effort to combat the spread of invasive zebra mussels, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission Thursday approved expanding rules requiring anyone leaving or approaching public waters in 30 counties in Central and North Texas to drain

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Hogs A Growing Problem for Oklahoma, But They’re Fun to Hunt!

Two rifle shots rang out in the distance, and I knew what it meant. My two hunting companions on this cold December day probably had just downed a couple of feral hogs. It was getting late in the afternoon and

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Everglades Officials Take Proactive Approach Against Rock Pythons

Typically, invasive species pose a threat to native wildlife, disrupt the food chain, and only indirectly affect people. When the animal can grow up to 14 feet and weigh over 200 pounds, however, humans could be in trouble. That’s the

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Florida Water District Taking Aim at Feral Hogs

The plan to control populations of feral hogs in publicly owned preserves is evolving into something wildlife biologists hope will better curb the porcine rampage that can leave sensitive hammocks and wetlands looking like bulldozer trails. Some wildlife preserves overseen

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New York Considers Outlawing Hog Hunting to Help Control Population

Newly proposed regulations would prohibit hunting or trapping free-ranging Eurasian boars in New York, the state Department of Environmental Conservation announced recently. The proposal is part of the DEC’s effort to eradicate the invasive animal. The department has determined that

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Report: Feral Hogs Damaging Louisiana Levees

Feral hogs are rooting up levees on Jefferson Parish’s west bank, causing damage that could pose a threat to flood protection, officials say. The west bank levee board has enlisted the help of the U.S. Agriculture Department determine the size

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Deer, Pigs, Take Over Pearl River Wildlife Management Area

The state’s former deer study leader, David Moreland, told | The Times-Picayune readers Monday that he planned to hunt Pearl River Wildlife Management Area this week when the weather cooled off. On Tuesday, he got his chance, and once again returned home with free-range, grass-fed

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